The Power Of Right Lies - Free Short Story

Free Short Story: The Power Of Right Lies - Fiction.

 When our Justice become our enemy, you can't fight back, it's a superhero world! ” 

Chapter one:

I like driving my car at late night in the big city. Few cars passing by, nearly no people, you can say empty streets here, just lights. I am driving slowly to enjoy the view, it’s a cool summer night. a woman like me should be worried to go out alone at this time but I’m different I’m a superhero with super power, bad people got scared when they see me, at least that’s what people say. People look up at us the superheros and they wish one day they become like us and I wish I was a normal person with no superpower, I wish, I had a husband, kids,family and normal friends I can go shopping with, buying clothes, eating out looking at hot guys, joking and laughing, doing all the female things that go men crazy. I just want a normal life.In the superhero united we say that we are a family but I don’t feel it. We just do our duty to save the planet earth.
I never lived a normal life, my father was an officer in the british army, my mother died when I was four years old in a car accident. When I was ten my father participated me in a program of the british army for creating highly trained soldiers with special power. You can say with double or triple the stamina of a normal soldiers. It was an experiment. My father was so patriotic, he could sacrifice anything for his country even his daughter and that’s what happened.

I joined the secret program with ten other kids we were like lab rats, they were experimenting chemicals materials and stuff on us to give us the super power!. The 10 of the participated kids got cancer. Instead of saving the country, we needed a good doctor to save us, 7 kids died. Just 3 of us who could survive after tons of surgeries. Nine years, from a hospital to another hospital, from a country to another country,  I travelled to Germany, USA, Japan, France and back to UK, doctors trying to save my live. I survived the cancer, I was 19. Finally I could get out of the bed and walk again.

I remember that day when I looked at the mirror for first time in 9 years, I saw myself grew up, white tall lady with bald head and scars above my ears and on my face another scar above my right eyebrow to the middle of my forehead, another scar on my nick as I got slayed. I barely could stand up, I took off the hospital gown to check my body, scars everywhere at my chest, stomach and my back. I cried that day so much. My father used to visit me in the hospital the first two years and then he disappeared. I felt so lonely that day I really wanted to die.

The next day in the morning an army officer and doctor came to my room in the hospital, the doctor told me I’m okay to leave and I can live normal life. I asked the officer about my father he told me they don’t know anything about him. The office who was in the mid twenties with blue eyes, white skin, yellowish hair. He told me that they cancelled the secret program 8 years ago and the two  other kids who survived with me left the hospital 6 month ago after full treatment.
After that day I stayed in London for 3 years and went to New York, USA to start new life there, I have been here for 8 years in New York city, I’m 31 years old, now I grew my hair, that black hair could hide some of the scars.

I forgot to tell you my name, I’m Emily Owen, I’m a member of The Superheros United. We work with The United Nations. We can’t do our job without their approval otherwise it’s illegal. We take orders from the world leaders for fighting terrorists, rescuing people, animals and doing all the missions that normal people can’t or take much time to accomplish, we are the earth gardens.

Everything was okay until I met that guy who changed my whole life. He gave me something and took another. He was the worst enemy of mine. I wanted to kill him so bad but everything changed all of sudden in a way I have never expected.

3 years ago in the United Nation (UN) building in New York city where the annual UN meeting was being held. All the world leaders were there. Superheros United (SU) team attended that meeting. I was sitting in the middle of the conference room, listening to the president of Brazil speech,next to me three of the SU team, Our captain, his name is General x, he is in his early sixties, white hair with wheaten skin. He doesn’t have a super power, he is the one who created the SU (the Superheros united) when he was in the American army. Next to General x is Jason, African-American, Buff male, in his thirties, so strong you better not get beaten by him. If you think you can shoot him, nice try! , a lot of enemies tried and they regretted immediately, Jason has fallen in a chemical subject in Iraq when he was a soldiers that built new layers of skins with time which made his skin thick and can’t be penetrated by pullets or knives. Next to Jason, Dr. Kaka he is a white man in his early forties from Canada, he says god gifted he his high jumping, he can reach more than 20m with one jump and landed with no broken bones, his slim flexible body reminds me the flexibility of cats.  

All of sudden a huge explosion in the UN building, smoke and dust everywhere with sound of shooting and people screaming.  I fell to the ground, I was behind a bench. I looked to the right at the conference room door, I could saw 5 armed men in black uniform wearing plastic animal mask, monkey, pig, giraffe,lion, panda. Shooting randomly at us with their machine guns. Presidential security officers were firing back and policemen. Jason came to me
“Are you ok?” he said
Of course if Jason is ok, we all will be ok , I said “Yes.”
“good , let’s hunt them.” he said and ran at them. I followed him and I saw Kaka coming flying from above us landed on one of the enemy pushed him to the ground and kicked another, Jason punched one of them in the face and caught another one at his head and threw him at the wall, I punched and kicked 2 men and went out of the room. An enemy punished me on the face and pushed my head at the wall I fell to the ground and he started to shout and calling the other “leave now , everybody leave now”, I get up and kicked him in the back, he manage not to fall, I went to kick him again he caught my leg and dragged me, I fell again and hit the ground at the back of my head, it hurted so much, he left me and  walked away while saying to his team in the radio “mission accomplish, everybody out”. The building was about to collapse I could see the cracks everywhere but I wouldn’t let him go. I ran at him, He turned around before even I touch him. He pushed my at the wall and choked me. He is taller than me with strong body I can’t see his face because of the panda mask  he was wearing, I could see his brown eyes stare at me.
“This building is about to collapse, I don’t want to kill you, just let me go! ” he said. Why he didn’t want to kill me. He’s a terrorist and they have ready killed many innocent people. Luckily I didn’t get shot at the conference room.  “Do you think I’m gonna let you go” I said. I managed to get out to that choke, he was actually strong man. I wished I’d have support. I pushed him into an office room with large window.  The front of the building was falling apart. I slipt on the floor as it was falling I’m about to fall out of the building onto the street, we were in the tenth floor.  I try to catch anything to stop me from slipping, he caught my hand. I looked at  him, the panda man. I wanted to tell him thank you as much as I want to kill him. “Promise me, you won’t chase me” he said, my body was in the air. I couldn’t  promise him, why didn’t he want to kill me?. I didn’t say anything I was looking to something to help me pulling myself up. “ you are just stubborn,  say it, I’ll save your life ” he said, I didn’t know how to respond, I have no choices but promising him. “Ok, I promise” I shouldn’t say that, he pulled me up. That’s screwed my head, he is a terrorist and he saved my life! “Why did you save my life?” I said, I was standing in front of him in the same room. “You are a good person” he said from behind his smiley panda mask and ran through the room door.

I don’t know why I didn’t break my promise, I should have arrested him. Maybe because I didn’t really care about the world leaders who just got killed, I was a victim of one of their decisions, I know that was wrong we live in a system and should follow that system not to break it, some people sacrifice for the majority. Anyways, we would chase them and bring them to Justice. We still had a second chance.
Outside the half collapsed UN building there were a lot out fire trucks ambulances, police cars, correspondents, journalists, photographers, all the media were covering what just happened. I met General X in front of the building. He was fine, just a few scratches on his hands and face his black suit got bloody spots and grey dust spots with torn areas as I had.
“Are you ok?” I asked, “Yes, I guess, our team is ok too .these terrorist could run away” he said he looked disappointed and continued “we had to stop chasing them for rescuing innocent people from the collapsing building. We did the right thing”
“We will bring them to Justice soon ” I said.

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